CNC Lathe Manufacturer

Myday Machinery Inc. is a professional CNC Lathe Manufacturer who specialized in not only CNC Lathes but also manual lathes. We supply CNC Flat Bed Lathe and Manual Flat Bed Lathe. Our flat Bed Lathe series are designed as heavy duty lathes. We also have a special product line: CNC vertical Lathe with movable single column.

CNC Screw Miller

CNC Screw Miller is specializing in milling screws, especially for plastic injection machines and extruder machines. The bed width is 1750 mm; it has low barycenter and it could be operated stably. By moving-column structure, it is very friendly for operators to set tools, and the low operating platform is also fitted for the operators. During milling, the workpiece won't vibrate on C-axis with Dual Disk Brake; particularly it is possible to have 5 mm tooling depth on radius with ?50 face milling tool. It's worth mentioning Hydraulic Screw Holding Rest: it is very suitable for variable pitch milling ,and it could prevent workpiece from being bent and damaged during machining.

Tool Spindle and Screw-holding Rest

  • Screw-holding Rest (?100~310mm)
  • Tool Spindle Oil Cooler
  • Auto Lubrication System
  • Coolant System
  • Electric Cabinet Air Conditioner
  • Splash Guard
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Leveling Pads and Bolts
  • 16T Tool Magazine
CNC Screw Miller
Description  \  Model TM-4000 TM-6000
Distance Between Centers 4000mm 6000mm
Swing over bed 800 mm
Bar Capacity(With Screw-holding Rest) ?300 mm
Max Pitch(With Screw-holding Rest) 250 mm (Single Thread)
C-axis Spindle Bore / Nose ?230mm / A2-15
C-axis Rapid Feed 0 ~ 6 rpm
Tool Spindle Nose BT-50
Tool Spindle Speed 0 ~ 2000 rpm
Max X/Y/Z-Axis Travel 4000 / 200 / 600 mm 6000 / 200 / 600 mm
X/Y/Z-Axis Rapid Feed 5/3/3 M/min
Tailstock Quill / Travel / Taper ?125 / 300mm / MT#6
Controller FANUC 0i-MD (FAGOR, SIEMENS (opt.))
Tool Spindle Motor iP18 (9.0KW)
X/Y/Z/C-Axis Servo Motor iF22 (4.0KW)
(All axes are transmitted with suitable gear reducing ratio.)
Coolant pump motor 2HP



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